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UMS Social Media Marketing

About Ultimate Marketing Secrets

Ultimate Marketing Secrets is a brand created by Localista Media in 2010 with their first book under the brand being, “Ultimate Marketing Secrets: Social Media Marketing,” that went on to become a best seller on Amazon.com that year.

Localista Media is a digital marketing agency that provides marketing strategy, branding, website development, social media marketing and graphic design to businesses of all sizes. The Localista Team has worked with Fortune 250® all the way down to founder funded startups.

The Ultimate Marketing Secrets series of books is focused on helping the DIYers and marketing support staff for larger organizations.

Are you ready to take the next step in growing your business?

Ultimate Marketing Secrets programs are great for the DIYer and in-house staff to understand how marketing platforms work and where your customers are spending their time online. This is CRITICAL to growing your business, but if you’re busy running your business, then executing on the day-to-day marketing in order to grow should be outsourced to the professionals. Spend your valuable time closing sales and running your business NOT working on your marketing everyday.

To learn more about outsourcing your marketing to a professional marketing agency give us your name and email and click Next button to schedule a time to talk.